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Team OC gym is Orange County’s premiere boxing, kickboxing and MMA gym. At Team OC, you will be given personalized training according to your skill set, and classes change daily in order to keep you from getting bored. Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, or learn how to fight, Team OC is the place to be.

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Doug Raver (Muay Thai)

Koji Iijima (Pro Muay Thai & MMA)

Felipe Andalla (Muay Thai)



EJ Llamido

EJ, aka “Ingemar Johansson” Llamido, has been immersed in the fight world since before he could walk. Named after the Swedish former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, he was trained as a young boy in Kung Fu and Muay Thai. He later honed in on his skills as an internationally renowned boxer, fighting all over the U.S. and Asia.

EJ is now sharing his talent and technique to Orange County. By incorporating boxing with traditional martial arts, his students have the privilege of getting a high intensity workout while also learning a valuable life skill.



Randy "Pad-Man" Louie

Randy Louie a.k.a. “Pad-Man” has been training & teaching in Kickboxing & Martial Arts for over 20+ years. He is certified & member of the Muay Thai Institute in Thailand & 4th Degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won / Hapkido. He also has extensive experience in Boxing, Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do, & Judo. Randy has trained with various Muay Thai camps in Thailand. His most influential kickboxing instructors are Master Mongil Huh - Kyuk Too Ki “Korean Kickboxing”, Ajarn Niwatchai Sridej & Kru Sawat TienSoPra - Amnuay Muay Thai Institute, Rangsit Thailand & Kru Chun – Phuket Muay Thai Camp, Phuket Thailand. His prior fight experience in Martial Arts (TPA) and Muay Thai (UWMTA) has made Randy a well versed trainer in which he incorporates these skills into his students and fighters.

Matahi Pito

Matahi, aka “Matt” started boxing when he was 10 years old. His first professional fight came eight years later. A former champion heavyweight in both Tahitian and French Polynesian circuits, his record includes 69 fights, with only 7 losses (2 of which were draws). He believes that boxing is an art that keeps people grounded, and is proud to share his passion with clients at Team OC Gym.



Roxy is a certified personal trainer who combines aerobics and weight lifting in a workout that will leave you breathless. She teaches Cardio Weight Training and does personal training.